While we are considered a new kid on the block in the BPO industry, our ownership team has been serving the call center industry for almost two decades now and have vast experience in serving clients from different business sectors. Outsourcing call center services to NovaCore gives you access to trained Filipino contact center agents who have an excellent command of North American English and are well trained in communication as well as North American culture.

We understand and believe that with today’s customer, our clients require us to provide them with more than one means of communication to reach their customer base, and our multi-channel support services does just that.

Our offerings include -
  • Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Social Media Customer Support
  • Phone Support
Why choose NovaCore, you may ask, well, here are the reasons:
1.  Data Security

We understand that data security is extremely important and maintain complete confidentiality of all the data the client shares with us such as personal contact details, bank-related details, addresses, etc.

4.  Proper Recruitment

We only recruit the talent we believe will be a good fit for our culture and clients! We follow strict recruitment process to ensure that we hire only the employees who have great communication skills but are also knowledgeable, creative, polite and hardworking. To this day, our President and Ceo are still active on employee hiring; they conduct the final interviews.

2.  Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

We have a proven track record of providing our clients in the most effective and efficient manner to enhance customer satisfaction.


5.  Proven Training Methods

We have excellent in-house and external North American trainers who have been in the BPO and Customer Service Industry for years on end. All of our employees go through a very thorough mandatory internal training before we endorse them to our clients.

3.  Affordable Pricing

We provide the best-in-class call center services at highly affordable prices, allowing our clients to generate better revenues