NovaCore provides through its extensive network of recognized and reliable partners, an integrated range of Business Process Outsourcing services including various customers and need-based services to address the growing clamor for a cost-effective and highly reliable solutions. Simply put, we author seamless business operations.

NovaCore, will continue to simplify processes and give peace of mind to our clients. NovaCore was founded in 2017 following the acquisition of an outsourcing company; we have offices in Davao City and Cebu in the Philippines. The company is on an aggressive drive to expand its relationships with our network and our clients by the end of 2018, NovaCore will have multiple facilities in the most commercial areas of the nation’s most notable cities.

Our Attitude

At NovaCore we simply do not sell a specific service, we offer you the opportunity to build an extension to your own business at a fraction of the cost. We achieve results by working closely with your team by analyzing your business needs and finding the best solution to improve the various operations challenges that you experience. We listen. We research. We recommend. We solve. We work hard to keep your business growing, as your growth is our growth.

Our People

What makes NovaCore the ideal partner for you is the collection of talent we have pooled. We recruit and train the most customer centric employees around; we strongly believe that we can find you the best team that will be tailored to meet your needs, wants and culture.